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Seoul Semiconductor will make a clean, healthy and beautiful world without losing its original resolution

Thank you for your interest in Seoul Semiconductor. We think that companies should be helpful to the world, be able to create customer value, give pride to their family members (employees), and secure shareholders’ stability

Renting the part of a business building in Bongcheon-dong, Seoul in 1992, Seoul Semiconductor started with 30 people and has grown by creating various challenges and success stories.

With the dream of creating a compound semiconductor light source company that will become the future light source in Korea and using our LEDs in space stations, we are challenging by establishing Logo and CI (Corporate Identity) as of 1994, investing a lot in R & D in any difficult environment, developing and mass-producing the world's first AC-driven Acrich, the world's first nPola, which is 10 times brighter than the existing LEDs, and the world's first packaging-free WICOP

With these technologies, we are to make a clean, healthy and beautiful world without losing our original resolution. In addition, we will do our best to meet our stakeholders’ expectations and demands with our products and services, and will comply with domestic and international standards

Finally, we will continue to write a new history of light, and will be the hope of the younger generation.

CEO Lee Chung-hoon, Hong Myeong-ki