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Technology that returns natural light to humans

Back to Nature

Why we should return to the light of nature

Limitations of artificial lighting
Humans who are not adapted to artificial lighting need "SunLike," which is the light of nature.
Light that returns biorhythms, SunLike technology
SunLike is a healthy light that allows you to maintain natural biorhythms

Technology that realizes natural light by overcoming the limitations of artificial lighting

SunLike is the natural light that is closest to the sunlight by overcoming the limitations of artificial lighting.
Myopia population in Asia who lacks sunlight,

Scary growth trends

SunLike is natural light that makes up for the lack of sunlight.
The moment you need “True Color”
SunLike is light that shows true colors like under the sun.
Museums and historical sites that require natural light In artificial lighting with strong blue peaks, diffuse reflection is strong, which reduces the three-dimensional effects of objects.
However, SunLike, which is the closest to the natural light, shows a natural three-dimensional feeling, so SunLike is used also in historic sites such as Pompeii mural
SunLike is a healthy light that allows you to maintain natural biorhythms.
When eyes are sore under strong light Reading a book under a stand is often a dazzling experience.
Because strong blue peaks cause severe diffuse reflection.
Unlike ordinary LED lighting, however, SunLike has less blue peaks and no glare
SunLike is a light without glare due to less strong blue peaks.