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Technology that returns natural light to humans

Back to Nature

Why we should return to the light of nature.

Limitations of artificial lighting

The Earth began 4.5 billion years ago with light, and life has evolved along with that light

Humans who are not adapted to artificial lighting need "SunLike", which is the light of nature.
The SunLike natural sun spectrum LEDs produce light with a sepctrum similar to sunlight.

Better Study

As a result of clinical trials with students at world-renowned universities in
Korea, Europe, and the United States, it has been demonstrated that light from
SunLike natural sun spectrum LEDs improves learning ability.

Results of research team of Seoul National University,
Professor Park Kwang-suk and Professor Kwon Hyun-bin

Alertness level is 1.3 times higher after waking up. Improved eye comfort.

Results of prof. Christian Cajochen’s Research Tham, University of Basel, Europe

Higher alertness after waking up. Improved eye comfort.

How can SunLike help improve memory and concentration?

Since the human brain has no lymphatic system, it cleanses itself by processing waste
through mitochondria in the cerebrospinal fluid, activated 4~10 times during sleep by the brain's glymphatic system.
The quality of sleep in young children affects brain development, and children who do not consistently
get a good night's sleep may experience reduced concentration and attention as they grow up.

Better Eye

While is was once thought that myopia was an inherited condition,
the rate of childhood myopia has increased four times in the last 50 years?

According to the latest 50-year statistics from four Asian countries,
the rates of myopia among children has quadrupled over this period.

Related research result:
(Source: Genetics of congenital eye malformations: insights from chick experimental embryology, Paola Bovolenta, Juan-Ramón Martinez-Morales, 2018)

Better Sleep

Humans sleep approximately one-third of their lifetimes,
and it is during the sleep cycle that the immune function is activated.