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Technology that returns natural light to humans

Back to Nature

Why we should return to the light of nature

Limitations of artificial lighting
Humans who are not adapted to artificial lighting need "SunLike," which is the light of nature.
SunLike Value 01 : Sleep Better

SunLike emulates natural light and supports the circadian rhythm

SunLike Value 02 : Learning Better

SunLike may enhance learning conditions through increased daytime alertness according to scientific evidence

Improve Alertness
SunLike Value 03 : Eye Better

SunLike reduces eye fatigue and improves overall visual comfort

Asia Myopia growth rate
  • SunLike Value 04 : Color Better

    SunLike reveals true depth of colors and textures as they appear in nature

  • SunLike Value 05 : Feeling Better

    SunLike enhances mood throughout day by supporting greater sleep and visual comfort

The Value of SunLike

Products with SunLike support human health and well-being

Science Demonstrates Great Health Through Optimized Circadian Rhythm